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ReCaptcha 3

Seamless spam prevention with ReCaptcha 3



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What can ReCaptcha 3 do for you?

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Enhanced Security: Leveraging the power of Google's ReCaptcha V3 to provide top-notch protection against spambots without user intervention.
User-Friendly: Invisible to genuine users, ensuring a seamless browsing experience without the interruption of traditional captchas.
Flexible Integration: Easily integrated into any Joomla form – whether it's login, registration, contact, or custom forms.
Element Selector: Offers the capability to specifically target forms based on CSS selectors like IDs and classes.
Component-Level Application: You have the option to activate ReCaptcha 3 for specific Joomla components, providing more granular control.
Debug Mode: A built-in debug mode helps in identifying form details for easier setup. This mode displays form ID and class details before the form to assist with configuration.
Performance Optimized: The plugin ensures fast page loads by using asynchronous and deferred loading for ReCaptcha scripts.
Responsive Design: Ensures that ReCaptcha challenges (if they appear) are mobile-friendly and adapt to various screen sizes.
Regular Updates: Periodic updates to keep in sync with Joomla's latest versions and any changes to the ReCaptcha API.
Easy Configuration: A simple and intuitive backend interface allows for quick setup and adjustments as needed.
Minimalistic Footprint: Designed to be lightweight, it doesn't weigh down your site with unnecessary bloat.
Comprehensive Documentation: Comes with step-by-step installation and configuration guides to get you up and running in no time.
Dedicated Support: Active support to assist with any challenges or questions regarding the plugin's use and functionality.

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