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Social CSS Icons

Social Media Icons Module for Joomla

J3 J4 J5 Module

What's new?

Version 1.6 - 11 December 2023

  • Support Joomla 5 without Backward Compatibility Plugin

Version 1.5 - 10 February 2023

  • Option to add your own icon size
  • Use of Joomla Fontawesome CSS

Version 1.4 - 25 Oct 2021

  • Supports Joomla 4

Version 1.3 - 07 May 2020

  • Yelp and Google Icon added

Version 1.2 - February 2019

  • Uses Joomla Subform
  • Instagram and Pinterest Icon Added
  • Modification to admin parameters
  • Installation file size reduced
  • Option to change the color of the individual icons

Version 1.1

  • Fixed Alignment Issue
  • SSL Issue Fixed for Fontawesome
  • Minor CSS Modification
  • Zoom on Hover feature added
  • Backend Tab Modification
  • Extra CSS Parameter added to Advanced Settings


Current Version


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What can Social CSS Icons do for you?

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Simple extension to add show 10+ different social icons on your website and link them to your Social Page. The Social Icons are available in 3 different sizes.

  • Uses no Images
  • 10 different social icons available
  • Option to enable or disable social icons
  • Option to link social icons the social pages
  • User friendly module parameter interface
  • Supported by all browsers
  • Uses no javascripts scripts or have no conflicts
  • Easy to use simple module
  • Option to Zoom Icon on Hover

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